Thursday, 1 October 2015

Checklist to Create Outstanding WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the popular blogging platforms. The claim is reinforced by the fact that currently there are over 70 million blogs powered by WordPress. Wide variety of themes, simplicity in set up and maintain makes it popular one. As a blogger you can easily create new posts, edit existing or make changes in the structure. Plugin management is another advantageous feature for a blog running on WordPress. Although WordPress is popular, same is not true for the individual blog created using it. Creating a popular blog is not a child’s play but it is not that impossible kind of thing. You need to plan out, design, write and promote your posts to make it popular and sometimes it does not work well. Professional bloggers are well aware of these ups and downs.

Despite of all the challenges it is possible to create an outstanding WordPress blog with following tips:-

1. Choose Stable Platform:- To create a blog you need a good hosting provider which will offer best services for WordPress blog hosting. Market is full of companies providing domain name and hosting services, you can find best comparison charts on some websites. Reading reviews and feedbacks from existing users can also help you a lot. Once hosted your website must be easily accessible to your readers with minimum or no downtime.

2.  Selecting theme:- You can simply check the standard theme options available with standard WordPress installation. This might be a straight forward decision. But if you are eager to use different themes with some personal touch then you can visit and get a desired layout for your blog. Think twice before finalizing theme as it is going to last over longer time and you are not expected to change the themes every now and then.

3.  Content Representation:- Your blog is going to provide information to its readers and this information must be presented in attractive way. You have specific purpose for starting a blog and you must know what your audience expects from you. Consistency in the key to keep your blog alive with fresh content. You can deliver information or entertainment, provoke thinking or promote something through your blog posts.

4.  Create splendid About page:- New visitors generally take a look at the About page of the blog which describes the entity running the blog. If your About page carries common information – name, address, contact, then no one will remember you and your blog for long. Instead try some out of the box way to represent your personality. People are sure to remember funny quotes and references. You can also include your team members and your inspirations on the About page. Apart from all the routine information, describe how the blog is going to help people or what sort of posts they can expect here.

5.  Add Social buttons:- Most of the people have social networking accounts and they like to share some interesting stuff with their friends.  It is pretty necessary to add social buttons on your blog and you can easily do this with With Share This button, your readers can make you more popular by sharing your blog links and content on social media.

Apart from above mentioned tips, you can gather all the email addresses of the people signed up with your blog and keep in touch with them on regular basis. You can also send them announcements or notifications regarding new posts on your blogs.

There are many more ways to get popular on net but not all can be described here in short space. You will surely find your own ways to make your blog popular and outstanding while practicing as a blogger.

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