Thursday, 29 October 2015

Security Attacks Is Every Wordpress Site Owner’s Pain

As Wordpress offers awesome facility set up an eCommerce website, you can just play with your eCommerce dream the way you want to. It provides not only ease and simplicity to operate and manage its content in the most dynamic fashion, it gifts you the leverage in form of impact on customers and visitors.

Known for offering rich pleasures to its viewers, ever so spontaneous, Wordpress eCommerce store is often prone to suffering from security related threats – hacking and malicious attacks.

A recent investigation has concluded that 73% of the 40,000 most popular websites that use WordPress software are vulnerable to attack.


The pain of security attacks


With the treasure of your customer’s confidential information out on the internet, security is definitely going to haunt you as a chief concern. You may never know there is a bunch of highly smart, malevolent coding kings wanting to devastate your world of online store designed craftily by the capable Wordpress development specialist. All they need is a hint of loopholes to infiltrate and curse your website with data theft, virus chaos and much more harm. If it is your eCommerce store, the sensitivity of the security escalates more. Any chance of your website getting harmed by an expert hacker may kill the frequent rush of customers who want to buy the best deal from you by entering their credit card details.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Checklist to Create Outstanding WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the popular blogging platforms. The claim is reinforced by the fact that currently there are over 70 million blogs powered by WordPress. Wide variety of themes, simplicity in set up and maintain makes it popular one. As a blogger you can easily create new posts, edit existing or make changes in the structure. Plugin management is another advantageous feature for a blog running on WordPress. Although WordPress is popular, same is not true for the individual blog created using it. Creating a popular blog is not a child’s play but it is not that impossible kind of thing. You need to plan out, design, write and promote your posts to make it popular and sometimes it does not work well. Professional bloggers are well aware of these ups and downs.

Despite of all the challenges it is possible to create an outstanding WordPress blog with following tips:-

1. Choose Stable Platform:- To create a blog you need a good hosting provider which will offer best services for WordPress blog hosting. Market is full of companies providing domain name and hosting services, you can find best comparison charts on some websites. Reading reviews and feedbacks from existing users can also help you a lot. Once hosted your website must be easily accessible to your readers with minimum or no downtime.