Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hiring a WordPress Developer? Prepare with 6 Steps

WordPress started off as just a blogging site but eventually led to whole new avatar of becoming the emerging CMS Development Framework with the largest community of web developers. And today, at this point, more than 25% of web is powered by WordPress.

The reasons that makes it’s the most preferred frameworks also makes it the most vulnerable! It is like all good things come with a price. The same is the case with WordPress technology. Security issues and compatibility issues are among the smaller challenges that one encounters while developing with WordPress technology.

The bigger challenge is for the ones who do not have the knowledge of technology. It is a bigger hurdle to fight.  I understand this challenge and this is for all those who do not have technological background. This is the reason that most of us.

Although it offers a big creative pool of web developers, it is not narrow down your search to the best one. But you can be prepared with few things before you hire one. Here, I have curated a few important steps before you hire a WordPress Development Expert.

1. Define Purpose & Requirements

Before you post your query, it is not important for you to understand the technology details but it is important that you understand what you exactly need. Here, the context is what you need in your website like blogs or an eCommerce platform or simply content management system. List down your requirements of the platform. Later, conduct brainstorming sessions with your chosen wordpress developers to add features that may be beneficial for the website.

2. Experience in WordPress Development

Look into their number of years of experiences in WordPress development. While you are interviewing or posting the inquiry, ask for case studies or their previously developed projects. Understanding your project needs is important so that you know what level of experience is required for its development. It is recommended to choose a WordPress Development Specialist with minimum 2 years of development. And obviously, more experience is not going to be harmful.

3. A Holistic Approach

When I say taking a holistic approach, meaning thinking from all the aspects of development, design and performance of the website. Look into the following points for in-depth research:

  • Display of their work
  • Presentation of Case Studies
  • Any contribution to the WordPress Community
  • Look into their reviews on themes and built plugins!
  • Check Social Media Platforms for their activities
  • Take a look at their Company Portfolio

These aspects will help you in understanding the working methods of the company or developers you will be hiring. It will also create a trustworthy image. Also, it allows you to know what you can expect from them. It will give you an idea of what they can deliver.

4. Inquire About Technical Skills

One thing that you need to know is when you are developing with WordPress,  that is not the only technology requirement. This take much deeper knowledge like expertise in scripting languages, understanding of CSS & HTML, JavaScript or any other technology for server queries or improved security. Which is why I mentioned knowing your requirements is important, because only then you will know what it takes!

5. Time of Delivery

Ask the WordPress Development Team their tentative delivery times for the project. I am sure you have deadline to your launch. If you don’t, then you are missing out on the very important aspect of website development. Development projects take time as there are always bugs or issues while development that can take time to solve. So talk to your options and see who provides the most rational approach with the stipulated and considerable amount of time for completion. This is very important before you assign the project. If you don’t know when it will be delivered, then it does not make sense to give the project to that company. You can also consider Outsourcing WordPress Development India as one of the potential options if you are looking for high quality solution at affordable prices delivered in time!

6. Support & Maintenance

This is one part that most of us ignore especially those who do not have the knowledge about website development. There goes much for a website even after it is developed. Many companies don’t provide support and maintenance. So look into these factors of support and maintenance, inquiry about the server, hosting and on-going maintenance.

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