Monday, 11 July 2016

5 Easy WordPress Page Builders for WordPress Developers

With online businesses thriving on cutting edge competition, it is becoming important even for the simplest of website to provide with effective user experiences. WordPress is among those frameworks that can help in creating very niche experience as it provides convenient development process.

Since WordPress has become the biggest player in the technology industry, dominating by powering more than 25% of the web. It is indeed backed by a large community and resources for development. These resources make it easier for a WordPress developer to find themes, security patches, code generator etc. and even Page builders also known as Content Editors.

Wordpress Spécialiste

What is a Page Builder?

A Page Builder is a plugin for WordPress sites that allows easy build and editing of grid based web pages. You can install these plugins to your WordPress website and then build it into a theme. It is a big widget page.

What can it do?

  1. Structure a page into a grid view, broken down by rows.
  2. Each row will have numbers, widths of columns.
  3. Placing widgets is easier.
  4. Drag and drop widgets into the rows and columns.
  5. Customize content, backgrounds, padding, margins.
  6. Works for combination of both widgets of short-codes or separately.

Page Builder Plug-Ins for WordPress

Live Composer

It is open source plugin that is absolutely free. The front end page builder for WordPress with drag and drop editing allows building PRO responsive websites and landing pages. You can visually customize any page element. To avail full functionality, take the full version. It is a very effective page builder that that lets you create free or premium themes. Also, with the help of the Live Composer, it is easier to ship your designs with Live Composer and create new additional modules. You can create custom page designs and drag-drop front end editing.


One of the popular tool among WordPress developers, Elementor is an open source, live page builder. And it is available to use absolutely free of cost. It is an amazing page builder that you can use with your customized theme to improve your page’s look and feel. You can keep changing theme without changing your core design. Elementor offers with landing pages, homepages, posts, portfolios, products etc. It can used to design a page or any custom post type. It allows Front End Development with real time. It is easy to use and offers smooth user experience and allows you to record speed also. You can achieve high end designs without writing a code for it. It provides with compact and optimized designs which are compatible across multiple devices and screens.

King Composer

It is a very powerful WordPress page builder. It is known for its lightweight and robust development features. It saves your time and provides easy to use features for WordPress Website Development Experts. If you wish to improve the quality of your development, then this proves like an amazing tool. You can easily build and design professional websites. It comes with embedded and intuitive UI. You don’t need any programming knowledge. You can work your way with this page builder tool. It offers a version for free and other premium version with added features.


It is a Front End Page Builder tool that lets WordPress Developers create websites in most convenient ways. It offers drag and drop interface and all this happens in real time. You can move the content as you wish and see all the changes you are making in real time. How amazing is that! It is specifically designed for WordPress and WordPress Development Specialists happen to live it much! Now you don’t have worry about shortcodes or messy codes, all you have to do is learn to use this tool and then create eye pleasing websites. All in real time, so that you can see your progress and then improve accordingly.

MotoPress Content Editor

It is a WordPress Content Editor that allows easy editing and designing of Front End for WordPress websites. It enhances standard WordPress editor and enables building website usually. It helps in building fully responsive pages where you don’t need to write a code. It offers dragging and dropping content elements. It is MotoPress plugin is easily extendable and works with WordPress themes. It also based on shortcodes. It is standard WordPress editor and enables building websites that are visually appealing.

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