Monday, 20 June 2016

5 Reasons You Should Choose Ext JS?

I am writing this blog not because I am an Ext JS developer but because I think its advantages have been underrated. It is one of those development frameworks that has grown exponentially and evolved with the changing times. It has adapted very well to the current needs and with the steep learning curve, it is becoming a web developer’s favorite framework.

Ext JS offers powerful controlled environment for development with effective features like grid, data, store, panels, tab panels, windows and many more. It is a rich and robust framework for application development. It allows app developer to create a complex layout in the convenient ways. It offers faster development process and thus save developers time on projects. It is highly customizable and thus your app can have the desired features integrated very easily. With the help of Ext JS, software application developers can develop apps using CSS allowing extension of base classes to add your own functionalities in application development.

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Why You Should Develop with Ext JS?

Object Oriented Framework 

The biggest advantage of using Ext JS framework is that it is highly object oriented and thus makes your development revolve around objects instead of logic or data. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is about emphasizing the objects and having the ability to manipulate rather than using logic to manipulate them. The Ext JS has a object oriented library enabling reuse and extensibility and all advantages of OO.

Great Support 

It offers great support not only while development but also post development. This open source framework offers online support which is quick and the forum is very effective with bunch of Ext JS development experts. For better understanding, post your queries on the forum or read books that give you better understanding of the same.

Multi Platform/ No Plugins

Ext JS is any better than Java, Adobe Flex because it does not require you to install or any browser plugins. It comes with it. This avails you with dynamic website/ application that will work across multiple platforms like iPhone or Android. You can also use it for native or Sencha Touch platforms. Talk to Sencha Touch Development Specialist to understand development with Ext JS for mobile application development.

Faster Prototyping

It comes with a tool exclusively for prototyping. With the help of this tool, you can easily create mock ups and also elaborate the future state of the software application development process. Also, in case you are developing a website, then you can forecast the stages of development making your development process fasters and accurate. It is extremely valuable for validating with users, stakeholder, developers or designers.

Browser Compatibility

It offers browser compatibility making it extremely preferred as development framework. When you write Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation functions developers can easily understand browser compatibility issues where Ext JS is extremely secured and protected from these manipulations.

Ext JS is the Upcoming Development Framework

There are many available now, but somehow Ext JS is taking over the competition. And it turns out that lately I have received many projects that are completely based on Ext JS. The reason is that application development with Ext JS is extremely easy and object oriented making the application quality very precise and also solutions that works long term. Ext JS as a framework is somewhere giving tough competition to other frameworks like Angular JS or JQuery by offering better security and development methodology.

I will be coming up with more articles on development with Ext JS, so keep tuned in the blogs and articles to understand more about the same. If you have any queries or you are stuck in the development process, write your problem to me. I will be the solution provider, your problem solver available at all times. I hope you had a good read. Have a great day!

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