Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hiring a WordPress Developer? Prepare with 6 Steps

WordPress started off as just a blogging site but eventually led to whole new avatar of becoming the emerging CMS Development Framework with the largest community of web developers. And today, at this point, more than 25% of web is powered by WordPress.

The reasons that makes it’s the most preferred frameworks also makes it the most vulnerable! It is like all good things come with a price. The same is the case with WordPress technology. Security issues and compatibility issues are among the smaller challenges that one encounters while developing with WordPress technology.

Monday, 11 July 2016

5 Easy WordPress Page Builders for WordPress Developers

With online businesses thriving on cutting edge competition, it is becoming important even for the simplest of website to provide with effective user experiences. WordPress is among those frameworks that can help in creating very niche experience as it provides convenient development process.

Since WordPress has become the biggest player in the technology industry, dominating by powering more than 25% of the web. It is indeed backed by a large community and resources for development. These resources make it easier for a WordPress developer to find themes, security patches, code generator etc. and even Page builders also known as Content Editors.

Wordpress Spécialiste

What is a Page Builder?

A Page Builder is a plugin for WordPress sites that allows easy build and editing of grid based web pages. You can install these plugins to your WordPress website and then build it into a theme. It is a big widget page.